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About Us

Dr. Chris Waddell was born in Shawnee and raised just down the road in Seminole. After completing chiropractic college, he knew where his destination would be. He returned to his home area to raise his children and set up Waddell Family Chiropractic.

A Dedication to Transparency and Honesty

Sherry, Terrie and Sheila

Sherry, Terrie and Sheila

We love being a part of our community and have been serving people here since 2001. We’ve grown consistently over the years thanks to word-of-mouth referrals from our patients. They tell their friends and family that we communicate everything that’s going to happen before we get started.

Too often in the healthcare world, people are surprised at what their doctor recommends, aren’t sure why and aren’t told about the costs involved. Hidden fees pop up as an unwelcome surprise. You’ll know what to expect when you become a patient here, with full communication so that you feel completely informed.

Why Your Body’s Structure Matters

Most of our patients tell us after their first appointment, “I have never had a chiropractic visit like this before.” They’re surprised at how detailed and thorough our examination is. Dr. Chris takes the time to study your X-rays and evaluate your findings, then explain them to you.

We’re comprehensive in our approach because we want to know exactly how your body’s structure has been adapting to your daily stresses. These stresses lead to sickness, pain and dysfunction. With chiropractic care, you can feel better and be more active.

Let Us Become a Part of Your Team

We believe that everyone deserves to have a chiropractor on their health care team. All ages are welcome at our chiropractic office, from newborns to senior citizens. Our patients make up an array of people, such as a mom of three who had a low back injury at the gym.

She tried every option available such as physical therapy, injections and seeing spine specialists. For four years, she had to quit her job as a yoga instructor and personal trainer. She was unable to even walk short distances without resting. In her own words, her life was “over.”

After her third visit with Dr. Chris, she could walk better. A few months later, she was back to teaching yoga and hitting the gym.

Another patient was a 2-year-old boy with digestive problems and chronic allergies. He was completing breathing treatments twice a day and was sickly and constipated with no appetite. Dr. Chris checked his spine and found that he needed an adjustment. After a few appointments, the boy was eating, going to the bathroom and didn’t need those breathing treatments anymore.

We’re Here to Listen

The most important part of becoming a patient with us starts with our listening ear and caring manner. We want to discover how we can assist you and will become invested in your journey to reach your goals. Contact our chiropractic office today to schedule your first appointment!

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