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New Patients

The atmosphere at Waddell Family Chiropractic is probably a little more enjoyable than most doctors’ offices you’ve been to. We keep it that way on purpose because we believe that fun is part of your healing process. But don’t worry-we respect your time and take your care seriously. You’ll be seen promptly and won’t face long waits to see Dr. Chris.

Making Your Appointment

When you call to schedule, we’ll get your health insurance information from you. Your coverage will be verified so that you’ll know all the costs before you arrive. Please wear comfortable clothing to your appointment.

You’ll fill out some brief paperwork, then have a consultation with Dr. Chris. If we think that we can help you, we’ll continue with an examination and X-rays. You’ll receive a chiropractic adjustment, then schedule for a follow-up a day or two later. Your first appointment with us takes about an hour.

During a 20-minute visit, you’ll sit down with Dr. Chris for a report of findings. He will describe what he found from your examination and go over your X-rays with you. We’ll discuss a game plan to get you the care you need.

Every time you see us, we’ll do a spinal evaluation to determine where you need to be adjusted. These visits take just a few minutes each.

We don’t prescribe care plans that go on for years. If you only need a few adjustments, we’ll tell you that. Your care with us will be personalized to what is appropriate for you.

Why Your Spine Matters

Your spine is the core structural unit in your body. It’s involved in everything you do. If your spine isn’t functioning as it should, you’ll be affected in numerous ways. Pain and dysfunction are two of the most common. There can be less noticeable effects, too, such as a slight loss of motion, restriction or lessened performance.

Over time, these can worsen if not given the proper attention. We recommend that you have periodic spinal checkups at the chiropractor, just like you’d visit the dentist to make sure your teeth are healthy.

Are you ready to get started? Contact our friendly team today to schedule your appointment! We’re pleased to offer complimentary consultations.

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